Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prince William Realised of Having No Money

(News Today) - As a high-profile Royal, Prince William must tire of being recognised wherever he goes. But his none-too-cunning attempt to remain incognito at a quiet rural shop last week backfired because, in true regal style, he was not carrying any cash.

At first, 28-year-old William denied point-blank that he was the Prince, despite the rather obvious presence of his security team. But his cover was blown when he had to call on his girlfriend Kate Middleton to settle up for his modest basket of pizza and chips – which she did with a platinum credit card that gave away their true identities.

Dressed casually and hidden behind geeky steel-framed glasses, William popped into the modest McColl’s mini-market in the small town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, last Sunday night.

Shop assistant Sioned Compton recognised him immediately, and as he presented his basket at her checkout, she excitedly exclaimed: ‘Oh my God! You’re Prince William, aren’t you?’

But William just looked down at his feet and muttered: ‘No. No, I’m not.’ Embarrassed that she had spoken ‘out of turn’, the 22-year-old checkout girl did not press the issue, and proceeded to put his shopping through the till.

Ringing up the necessities for a lazy night in – two frozen stonebaked-style pepperoni pizzas, a bag of McCain frozen chips, an iceberg lettuce, a bag of salad leaves, a bottle of Tropicana orange juice and two bottles of water – the bill came to £12.60.

But when Ms Compton told her customer the total, he suddenly realised that, just like his grandmother who famously never carries cash, he had no money.

William asked Miss Middleton: ‘Can you pay, please? I’ve not got any cash.’

But Kate had none either, so had to produce her credit card to pay up.

Ms Compton said last night: ‘I couldn’t believe it when he rocked up at our store. We’re miles from anywhere and it was a quiet Sunday evening.

‘He was wearing metal-framed glasses but it was obviously him. I noticed someone from his security team accompanied him in and out and while he and Kate were browsing, the security guy stood at the entrance, just inside the store.

‘Wills was driving an Audi. There appeared to be no other passengers but there were two other cars – one in front and one behind – when he pulled away. The other cars must have been security.

‘He was in the shop for about ten minutes, but it was funny he had no money.

'I don’t know why he didn’t just say “Yes, I’m William, pleased to meet you.” It would have made my day.

'I was disappointed in him, to be honest, but he must have had his reasons.

‘We never did find out what they were doing here. Maybe they were driving to or from RAF Valley, where he’s stationed. It’s only an hour or so’s drive from here.’

Flight Lieutenant Wales, as he is formally known, is undergoing RAF Search and Rescue pilot training at the Anglesey base, which he hopes to complete by September.

If he is successful he will remain there for up to 36 months with the 22 Squadron rescue unit, where he will co-pilot Sea King helicopters.

William has a home near the base, where Kate has been spending an increasing amount of time – fuelling speculation that the pair will soon announce their engagement.

Last weekend’s exchange – which was caught on CCTV – is not the first time the Prince has attempted to hide his identity.

Last year, the young Royal used his resemblance to adventurer Ben Fogle in a light-hearted bid to remain anonymous.

He tried to pass himself off as the TV host while in a news­agent’s with Miss Middleton while on holiday in Norfolk.

The shopkeeper, Trevor Howell, said: ‘Oh, I recognise you.’

A man, thought to be one of the Prince’s protection officers, quipped: ‘Yes, it’s Ben Fogle’.

Mr Howell said: ‘I wasn’t fooled. It was obviously a joke. William laughed.’

It is also not the first time William has demonstrated a penchant for pizza. Last year, he and 12 friends got a discount at Pizza Express in Shrewsbury after waiting more than an hour for their meal.

Clarence House declined to comment last night.

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